Dipam Vasani

How to be fancy with PythonPython tricks that will make your life easierCustomize your training loop with callbacksLearn how to incorporate state of the art techniques in…The PyTorch training loopLearn everything PyTorch does for you behind the scenesInitializing neural networksLearn how to initialize neural networks well for better convergenceMatrix multiplication: The PyTorch wayLearn how to eliminate loops with concepts such as broadcasting…Sound classification using ImagesLearn how to classify audio files using spectrogramsThis thing called Weight DecayLearn how to use weight decay to train better modelsData augmentations in fastaiLearn how to apply various transformations to your computer vision…Mixed precision training using fastaiLearn how to train your model faster and reduce the load on your…Build your own pandas (like) libraryand in the process learn a lot about OOP python.. More details

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