Aneesh Dogra

We have found this old cartridge under a desk in the library of Lapland.

It appears to…Reversing a real-world 249 bytes backdoor!A wild backdoor has appeared.

Press 1 to ptrace :DROPing Horcruxes, pwnable.

krVoldemort concealed his splitted soul inside 7 horcruxes.

Find all horcruxes, and ROP it!author: jiwon choiPwnable: dragon using Radare2Dragon is a rookie challenge in pwnable.


Its a RPG game that allows…Escaping Python JailsGetting user input and executing it is usually a very bad idea.

People make condition checks to avoid elevated…Exploiting Race Condition Bugs, DragonCTF 2019rms-fixed in DragonCTF 2019 (hosted by DragonSector) is a C binary that uses…DroidCon, SEC-T CTF 2019The ‘Night City’ blackmarket is powered by ‘Droidcoin’.

An anonymous crypto-currency.

The rogue androids seem to…gotmilk, CSAW CTF Quals 2019This was an easy pwn in CSAW.

A simple format string bug.

The catch is you only get one printf call.


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