DSAT – First Ever Adaptive Learning Platform for Data Science Professionals

We believe that a single product similar to GMAT can revolutionize this entire industry.

After the successful launch of Datamin, we wore our community hat and thoughtfully built a product for our community that could do both.

Here is what our community was able to accomplish with Datamin: 10,000+ Users 500,000+ Questions Attempted 99% Questions now tagged as unambiguous Imagine the kind of intelligence we were able to create.

We used this intelligence to upgrade our plain vanilla but addictive Datamin to the first-ever data science adaptive test – DSAT.

DSAT stands for Data Science Adaptive Test.

  How will DSAT solve the existing recruitment and learning challenges of the Data Science industry?.We built an illustrated infographic to explain:   What skills does the DSAT test?.There are primarily four skills you will work on (and be evaluated on) in the DSAT.

Here’s the lowdown on each skill:   How will the DSAT evolve over time and how useful will it be for you?.There are multiple avenues the DSAT will open up for you.

Here are two broad ones that we want to highlight.

At the very least, you get to work on your data science skills, evaluate them, understand which areas need improvement, and then work on them: The other scenario, catering to everyone from aspiring data scientists to hiring managers, is all about getting noticed by potential data science recruiters.

Work on your DSAT score, highlight it to hiring managers, and stand a chance to land your dream data science role:   End Notes DSAT is a product which is truly democratic – for the people, by the people, and of the people.

We have done our job by creating the underlying technology that can foster a higher degree of learning.

Now, it’s your turn to use it to the fullest.

The score is as good as its adoption.

Any community is as good as the people within.

Hence, make sure your DSAT score reflects your true potential, and if you believe this score does justice to your knowledge, make sure to bring in your peers to have more credibility to your score.

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