Data Science Immersive Bootcamp – Hands-on Internship with Job Guarantee!

This is an unmissable opportunity where you will get to learn on the job from data science experts with decades of industry experience.

“In the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp, we are not only focusing on classroom training – we provide hands-on internship to enrich you with practical experience.

” So you get the best of both worlds – you learn data science AND get to work on real-world projects.

  Let’s Gauge the Benefits of the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp This Bootcamp has been created by keeping Data Science professionals at heart and industry requirements in mind.

 Let’s dive in to understand the benefits of Data Science Immersive Bootcamp: Learn on the job from Day 1: This is a golden opportunity where you can learn data science and apply your learnings in various projects manned by you at Analytics Vidhya during the course of this Bootcamp Work with experienced data scientists and experts: The best experts from different verticles will come together to teach and mentor you at the Bootcamp – it is bound to boost your experience and knowledge exponentially!.Work on real-world projects: Apply all that you learn on the go!.Real challenges are faced when you dive in to solve a practical problem and cruising through that successfully will hone and fine-tune your blossoming data science portfolio Peer Groups and Collaborative Learning: Best solutions are derived when you learn with the community!.And this internship gives you an opportunity to be part of several focused teams working on different data projects Build your data science profile: You will get to present your work in front of Analytics Vidhya’s thriving and burgeoning community with over 400,000 data science enthusiasts and practitioners.

You are bound to shine like a star after getting such an exhaustive learning and hands-on experience Mock interviews: Get the best hack to crack data science interviews   Unique Features of the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp There are so many unique features that come with this Bootcamp.

Here’s a quick summary of the highlights:   Curriculum of Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Data Science Immersive Bootcamp is one of the most holistic and intensive programs in the data science space.

Here’s a high-level overview of what we will cover during this Bootcamp: Python for Data Science Linear Algebra SQL and other Databases Statistics – Descriptive and Inferential Data Visualization Structured Thinking & Communications Basics of Machine Learning Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms Deep Learning Basics Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) Natural Language Processing (NLP) Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Computer Vision Building Data Pipelines Big Data Engineering Big Data Machine Learning Wholesome Data Science is what we call it – everything you need to learn is presented in a single platter!.  How to apply for the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp?.Here are the steps for the admission process to the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp: Online Application – Apply with a simple form Take the Fit Test – No knowledge of data science expected Interaction with Analytics Vidhya team (Gurgaon) – Interview round to screen the best candidates Offer Rollouts – The chosen candidates will be sent the official offer to be a part of the Bootcamp!.Offer Acceptance Welcome to AV’s Data Science Immersive Bootcamp!.  Fee Structure and Duration for the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp Admission Fees: INR 25,000/- Note: It is non-refundable and will get adjusted with the entire upfront payment (INR 3,50,000) or with 1st Installment (in case of Installment Payment Plan).

Option 1:  (If paying all upfront) INR 3,51,000/- Option 2: (Installment Payment Plan) 1st Installment – INR  99,000/-  (30 days before the start date) 2nd Installment – INR 1,25,000/- (within 60 days of the start date) 3rd Installment – INR 1,25,000/- (within 120 days of the start date) Here are the details of the program: Duration of Program: 9 months / 40 weeks Internship Stipend (from month 1): Rs.

15,000/- per month Number of Projects: 10+ real-world projects No.

of Seats in the Bootcamp: Maximum 30   And The Most Awaited Aspect – You Get A Job Guarantee!.As mentioned above, this Bootcamp will enrich you with knowledge and industry experience thus making you the perfect fit for any role in Data Science.

Bridging the gap between education and what employers want – the ultimate jackpot Analytics Vidhya is providing!.Build your data science profile and network Create your own brand Learn how to ace data science interviews Craft the perfect data science resume Work on real-world projects – a goldmine for recruiters Harvard Business Review dubbed Data Scientist the sexiest job of the 21st Century.

And do not forget to register with us TODAY!.Only 30 candidates will get a chance to unravel the best of Data Science in this specialized Bootcamp.

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