Be Fluent in R and Python!If you ask me where to invest your time in R or Python, I will advise to be…Explain Your Model with the SHAP ValuesUse the SHAP Values to Explain Any Complex ML ModelAnomaly Detection with PyOD!Have you used this wonderful Python Outlier Detection Module?Dimension Reduction Techniques with PythonWhy do We Talk About Reducing the Dimensionality?“Stock Market Anomalies” and “Stock Market Anomaly Detection” Are Two Different ThingsHow to determine the best model?Machine learning models play a critical role in many aspects of today’s business.

The use of a…Telematics in Auto InsuranceData Science Modeling Process & Six Consultative RolesThe Applications of Image Recognition in InsuranceWhat Is Image Recognition?The first question you may have is what the difference is between computer vision and image recognition.


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