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3 Hard Lessons from Scaling Continuous Deployment to a Monolith with 70+ EngineersLike many successful tech startups (Instagram, Slack, New Relic, and many more) a large portion of Nextdoor is a monolithic application.

While we’ve also created a significant number of…How to trick Airflow to reduce wasteful processing?At Nextdoor, the data team uses Airflow to orchestrate data transfer between various data sources and data lake, our central data store.

In this post, I will talk about one particular challenge we faced when we started migrating to Airflow…Migrating from EC2 Classic to multiple VPCsLike so many companies today, Nextdoor started from scratch in the “cloud.

” Our first server was launched in Amazon (shocker) using Amazon EC2-Classic — pretty much the standard for anyone who has had an Amazon AWS account for more than a few years.

Using Puppet to set up Docker Distribution and PortusHere at Nextdoor we’ve been using Docker for about 18 months in various development-focused use cases — and even in production in a few small places.

In recent months we’ve completed a large transition of all of our non-Django services…Structured Logs at NextdoorTL;DR:Our application logs are output in a structured JSON format for simpler debugging and downstream consumption.

For example, developers can add a field to their application log and it will automatically turn up as a parsed field in Elasticsearch…At Night the Ice Weasels come: A chat with our co-founder, David WiesenThis week, Vikas Kawadia from Nextdoor Engineering is interviewing one of Nextdoor’s co-founders and leading light David Wiesen, a.


a Ice Weasel.

Nextdoor CSS GuidelinesDo you remember playing Hungry Hungry Hippos as a child?.Yes, that’s the game where you try to encourage a colorful…Managing Mobile App ReleasesMobile app releases pose a number of challenges to teams trying to move fast.

This is how Nextdoor moves with mobile.

Mobile engineers at Nextdoor want to push releases of mobile apps as often as web.

The nature of mobile poses several challenges that…Make it Faster!Not so long ago, it wasn’t unusual to wait weeks or months to get new hardware into a datacenter.

Fast forward to today and now I’m fielding questions from our Engineering team about why it takes 15 minutes to boot a server.


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