5 Famous Deep Learning Courses/Schools of 2019

One of the most widely used technologies in the world for data science was initially developed at IBM.

They now make their name by being a major cloud provider.

  Udacity offers a range of courses and pathways to develop a range of skills in Machine Learning / Deep Learning / AI.

Some courses are free as well.

Udacity is known for a great focus on a range of technology related jobs and skills.

In addition to Data Science and AI, they also have courses for Web Development, Mobile Development, Software Development etc.

This seems to be a good resource to gain complementary skills in other areas of technology as well.

  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most famous schools of technology for people interested in the STEM.

So many great innovators (including Nobel Laureates) have graced the halls of MIT.

The site gives you video tutorials, code etc for you to continue learning and hopefully develop your own solutions as well.

  Microsoft also offers a School of AI including a Business AI program as well for business leaders that want to learn how to leverage and make the best of it in your organization.

It offers pathways in Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems etc.

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