Slack Engineering

How Slack Built Shared ChannelsBuilding shared channels challenged Slack’s fundamental assumption…Interning on Slack’s Product Security TeamDetecting vulnerabilities in Javascript/npm packages with…Service Workers at Slack: Our Quest for Faster Boot Times and Offline SupportWhen a rewrite isn’t: rebuilding Slack on the desktop????‍♀️ Surf’s Up!.Preparing for Huge Waves of Traffic via Load TestingRefactoring Backend Engineering Hiring at SlackScaling Slack’s Job QueueRobustly Handling Billions of Tasks in Milliseconds Using Kafka and RedisMaximum Warp: Building Migrations for Slack Enterprise Gridby Eric Vierhaus and Todd WirthInto the CloudsA Journey Into Slack Mobile Push NotificationsReducing Slack’s memory footprintby Johnny Rodgers, Charlie Hess, Raissa Largman, Jamie Scheinblum and Chris Sullivan.. More details

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