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Take your Python Skills to the Next Level With Fluent PythonYou’ve been programming in Python for a…Why Data Scientists Should join ToastmastersPublic speaking used to be a big sore spot for me.

I was able to survive it, but…Setting up Email Updates for Your Scraper using Python and a Gmail AccountSyncing your Jupyter Notebook Charts to Microsoft Word ReportsGetting Started with Airflow Using DockerLately I’ve been reading intensively on data engineering after being inspired by this…Digging into Data Science Tools: DockerDocker is a tool for creating and managing “containers” which are like little virtual…Creating PDF Reports with Python, Pdfkit, and Jinja2 TemplatesHow to use Python to Figure out Sample Sizes for your StudyHow to Find Underrated People on Twitter with TURI (Twitter Underrated Index)One of the best skills that you can develop is the ability to find talented people before anyone else does.

Overview Python (and non-Python) Mapping Tools for Data Scientists.

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