“What Is Quantum Computing?” | by CBInsights

Source: CBinsights Quantum computing is poised to upend entire industries from telecommunications and cybersecurity to advanced manufacturing, finance, medicine, and beyond — but few understand how quantum computers actually work.

In the near future, quantum computing could change the world.

Take climate change for example: Because of the complexity of the climate system, seemingly endless data, and growing limitations on today’s computing power, no classical computer (like your desktop) can simulate the earth’s climate changes with 100% accuracy.

Quantum computers, on the other hand, are supercomputers equipped with advanced processing powers.

Taking tons of climate variables into account, they could create data-driven models to help forecast weather patterns and prepare for natural disasters.

Beyond climate simulations, these advanced computing systems could make ultra-fast calculations on the biggest and most complex datasets — and the technology is certainly catching media attention.

But how exactly does it work?.What is quantum computing?.Quantum computers can process massive and complex datasets more efficiently than classical computers.

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