New cost savings option for Azure Databricks with DBU pre-purchase

The rapid adoption of Azure Databricks through our strategic partnership with Microsoft has been remarkable, and it’s proven to be a compelling service for our customers’ big data, analytics and machine learning initiatives.

To further help our customers save costs and improve budgeting for Azure Databricks, we are pleased to share a new pricing option called the Azure Databricks Unit (DBU) pre-purchase that is more cost effective compared to pay-as-you-go.

Customers can now pre-pay and save up to 37% for Azure Databricks with DBU pre-purchase.

The discount is tiered depending on the amount of DBUs and a term of 1-year or 3-years, meaning you can consume the DBUs anytime during that period.

Buying the DBU pre-purchase is easy, and done via the Azure Portal.

To see the discount tiers and read more about this option go to Microsoft’s Azure Databricks blog.

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