How Hadoop Can Help Your Business Manage Big Data

Sqream asserts today’s enterprises should explore business insights hidden in their data with a solution that complements and enhances their Hadoop system.

  This white paper is for any data professional – on the infrastructure, data engineering, data science or BI side — who is experiencing issues analyzing massive data due to data ingest challenges, lengthy and tedious data preparation cycles, or long-running queries that hinder comprehensive analytics.

  Sqream explores the root cause of these performance issues, and how a new approach to data analytics can alleviate them, and highlights both common issues with Hadoop and how to deliver results for Ad-Hoc analytics.

Download the new white paper, “Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop,” through which SQREAM explores an approach to Hadoop that aims to help businesses reduce time-to-insight, increase productivity, empower data teams for better decision making, and increase revenue.

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