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Algorithmic Game Theory with NashpyGame Theory is a method of studying strategic situations.

A ‘strategic’ situation is a setting…Reinforcement Learning: let’s teach a taxi-cab how to driveBootstrap samplingWhenever you are manipulating data, the very first thing you should do is investigating relevant statistical properties.

In…Face recognition with OpenCV: Haar CascadeComputer vision is a field of study which aims at gaining a deep understanding from…PCA: Eigenvectors and EigenvaluesWhenever you are handling data, you will always face relative features.

Those latter are the…Meta-Learning and NeuroevolutionMachine Learning is a field of study whose aim is training statistical model on input data so that…Unsupervised Learning: K-means vs Hierarchical ClusteringRecurrent Neural NetworksNeural Networks are the typical algorithm employed in Deep Learning tasks.

In my previous post, I’ve been talking…Reinforcement Learning: beyond the supervised and unsupervised waysPreventing overfitting: RegularizationThe ultimate goal of any Machine Learning model is making reliable predictions on new….

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