DATAMIN – Unveiling the World’s Biggest Online Data Science Quizzing Platform

The main reason was the state of mind.

At that age, every new lesson was a game.

And learning through a game turns out to be the fastest way you can learn any new skill regardless of your age.

We at Analytics Vidhya, combined these concepts and leveraged our expertise in data science to create a new product called Datamin – Your Daily Dose of Data Science.

We are now ready to test the waters and launch the Beta version of the product.

  Here’s Analytics Vidhya’s Founder and CEO with the launch announcement: https://s3-ap-south-1.



mp4   Datamin – Your Daily Dose of Data Science Datamin is a unique data science quizzing platform that has been designed by industry experts.

Datamin will: Evaluate you on various data science dimensions Accelerate your learning by giving relevant feedback on each user attempt Engage you with live community chat and features like challenge your friend, and Identify in real-time your opportunity areas with reading suggestions These quizzes will be a week long with almost no limits on the number of questions you attempt.

If this was not enough, every competition ends with prizes worth INR 200,000 (USD 3000).

The questions you will face will test you broadly on three main categories that are most relevant for data scientists: Machine Learning Statistics Programming The beta platform comes with a lot of community engagement levers and modes of giving us LIVE feedback.

  Rules of the Game You can register anytime of the week while the quiz is running.

We recommend you register as early as possible to get maximum number of attempts You can answer unlimited number of questions.

We have only put a limit on your daily attempt at a very high number to restrict any bots.

Every right answer gives you +3 points and wrong answer gets you -1 Time you get to answer any question is 90 seconds You can check your standing on the leaderboard at any time Skipping a question does not get you any penalty or reward Top positions on the leaderboard after each week competition will be rewarded with cash prize and job opportunities   Gear up for the launch of Datamin DATAMIN goes LIVE at 3 pm IST on 25 July 2019 (Thursday).

Wear your data science hat, get your gaming self together and get ready for a super fast learning drive.

Make sure you register as soon as possible to allow yourself maximum time and maximum attempts.

Note that there are no limits on the total number of questions you can attempt, so the only way to maximize your score is to maximize your attempts with high accuracy.

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