‘State of AI’ Report for 2019 is out

‘State of AI’ Report for 2019 is outThe State of AI Report captures a snapshot of the exponential progress in AI in the past 12 months along with its most interesting implications and developments.

Dip Ranjan ChatterjeeBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingJul 9What is it?The report captures a snapshot of the progress in AI with a focus on developments in the past 12 months.

This report is a compilation of the most interesting things happening in AI and the aim is to trigger an informed conversation about the state of AI and its implication for the future.

This edition builds on the inaugural State of AI Report 2018, which can be found here.

“We believe there is a growing need for accessible, yet detailed and accurate, information about the state of AI across several vectors (research, industry, talent, politics, and China).

The purpose of our report is to drive an informed conversation about AI progress and its implications for the future.

” — Benaich in an interview to ZDNETWho compiles the report?SourceThe report draws on the expertise of prominent figures such as Google AI Researcher and lead of Keras Deep Learning framework François Chollet, VC and AI thought leader Kai-Fu Lee, Facebook AI Researcher Sebastian Riedel to name a few.

What are the key dimensions of the report?Research: Technology breakthroughs and their capabilities.

Talent: Supply, demand and concentration of talent working in the field.

Industry: Large platforms, financings and areas of application for AI-driven innovation today and tomorrow.

China: With two distinct Internets, AI in China has its own category.

Politics: Public opinion of AI, economic implications and the emerging geopolitics of AI.

How good are their predictions?In a sense of accountability and honesty the report starts with what they had predicted in the 2018 report which came true and what did not.

True vs FalseWhere is the report?The whole report is embedded below and is a definite must read.

Happy reading!State of AI Report.

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