This release includes new features…Getting started with GraalVM for ScalaStart using GraalVM for your Scala projects.

Introducing the Tracing Agent: Simplifying GraalVM Native Image ConfigurationLightweight cloud-native Java applicationsGraalVM native images offer ~50x faster startup for web…Announcing GraalVM 19First production release — we are stoked to introduce GraalVM 19.

0! ????????Using TestContainers from a Node.

js applicationGraalVM allows using Java libraries from node.

js apps…Simplifying native-image generation with Maven plugin and embeddable configurationGraalVM’s JavaScript engine on JDK11 with high performanceMulti-threaded Java ←→JavaScript language interoperability in GraalVMIsolates and Compressed References: More Flexible and Efficient Memory Management via GraalVMGraalVM in 2018Looking back at GraalVM in 2018: important videos and blogposts which appeared through…Bringing Modern Programming Languages to the Oracle Database with GraalVMSafe and sandboxed execution of native codeSandboxed execution of native code on GraalVM enhances…Faster R with FastRUnder the hood of GraalVM JIT optimizationsPreviously we looked at the performance of Java Streams API on the GraalVM in comparison with JavaHotSpot VM.

GraalVM is a high-performance virtual machine, and in those experiments we got performance improvements from 1.

7x to 5x when running sample…Understanding Class Initialization in GraalVM Native Image Generationtl;dr: Classes reachable for a GraalVM native image are initialized at image build time.

Objects allocated by class initializers are in the image heap that is part of the executable.

The new option…Analyzing the Heap of GraalVM Polyglot ApplicationsStream API performance with GraalVMHow GraalVM optimizes Java programs that use the JDK 8 Streams…Bringing Fibers to TruffleRubyWhen we first started working on TruffleRuby, the GraalVM’s implementation of Ruby, we looked at what…Oracle GraalVM announces support for Nashorn migrationRunning JavaScript in the JVM has been supported for a long time, first with the Rhino engine released in JDK 6 and later with the Nashorn engine introduced in JDK 8.

Recently, the Java team published a proposal (JEP-335) to deprecate…GraalVM 1.

0-rc4 Release NotesToday we released GraalVM 1.

0-rc4 with both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition binaries publicly available for download.

GraalVM is a large project consisting of several components, and we are highlighting the most important changes to…GraalVM 1.

0-rc3 Release NotesToday we released GraalVM 1.

0-rc3 with both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition binaries publicly available for download.

Compiling Scala Faster with GraalVMThe Scala compiler is notorious for its long compilation times.

This is considered one of the…GraalVM 1.

0-rc2 Release NotesSeveral weeks ago, we released GraalVM 1.

0-rc1 and launched the GraalVM website with documentation and examples.

We would like to thank all early adopters who tried the GraalVM 1.

0-rc1 release on their projects and reached out to us with feature requests and issue reports.

We…Instant Netty Startup using GraalVM Native Image GenerationIn this article we show how you can get….

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