Juan De Dios Santos

“Where today?” — Planning my Singapore trip with clustersOutlining travel plans with R, k-medoids and…Analyzing tweets from the polemical Pokemon-related #BringBackNationalDex tag with spaCy and GCloudReliving the first days of my travels with Fitbit, Spotify and sensors dataOn May ’19, I left…More focus and desire to finding answers, and less hypeMy view on why newcomers should focus on the…Reliving Avengers: Infinity War with spaCy and Natural Language ProcessingDiscovering the top nouns…Am I going to listen to Potato Salad today?Using data, statistics and machine learning to make sense…Overcoming challenges when designing a fraud detection systemA word on how oversampling our data, and…On how I acknowledge human based bias and how to handle itA word on how we, data practitioners…Building a League of Legends team recommender in GoHow to build a recommender system from scratch…What was Puerto Rico Googling during and after Hurricane Maria?.. More details

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