A Smooth And Swift Data Science Demonstration — What exactly is data science?

Well, this is the application of Data Science and that’s why it matters the most.

Here are 6 more amazing applications of data science.

SKILLS FOR DATA SCIENCE-Data Science is a massive sector and Data Scientist needs to have both technical and non-technical skills to perform their job in an effective manner.

it is not just one standalone topic but a combination of many.

We will go through some of the required skills-1.

Statistical & Probability Skills: Statistical Thinking is the most important aspect of Data Science.

You cannot be a Data Scientist without having the required statistical knowledge.

Data Science is basically the rebranding of statistics.

Statistics is divided into two categories –Descriptive Statistics deals with summarizing and describing the data.

It quantitatively summarizes large features of data through visualizations and outlines the sample from a larger population of data values.

Inferential Statistics is about inferring or concluding from the data.

It is about drawing conclusions from a smaller sample and implying the drawn conclusions over a larger group.


Programming skills:Basically, programming allows you to implement your statistical thinking in a practical manner.

Without programming, you cannot put your knowledge to practice.

Therefore, you must be skilled at least one programming language (python/R) required for data modeling.

Here you can enhance your knowledge about the top 6 data science programming languages of 2019.

Some of the essential programming languages and tools that you must know for Data Science are –PythonRTableauDatabase Query LanguagesBig Data Technologies3.

Mathematical Skills:Mathematical modeling is extremely helpful.

If you want to become a proficient Data Scientist, then you must be proficient in these topics — Linear Algebra, Calculus, Discrete Math, and Optimization Theory.

Learn the important topics of Maths and Statistics for Data Science in just 7 minutes.


Business and Domain knowledge: Many popular companies are using Data Science to ease their regular processes.

There are many ways by which Data Science is helping businesses to run in a better way:Business Intelligence for Making Smarter Decisions: Traditional Business Intelligence was more descriptive and static in nature.

However, with the addition of data science, it has transformed itself to become a more dynamic field.

Data science helps the companies to analyze information at a large scale and gain necessary decision-making strategies.

Predictive Analytics to Predict Outcomes: Predictive analytics is the most important part of businesses.

It is the statistical analysis of data that involves several machine learning algorithms for predicting the future outcome using the historical data.

So, these were some important skills you need to possess for becoming a Pro Data Scientists.

Data Science Use Cases that are Changing the World:1.

Netflix: Netflix Used Data Science to Improve its Recommendation System.

Just think about it after watching the movie, were you recommended of similar movies?.How does Netflix know what you’d like?.The secret here is Netflix uses data science to provide relevant and interesting recommendations to you.

If you’re curious about an in-depth article explaining, I recommend how netflix is using data science.


Flipkart: Flipkart is India’s largest e-commerce marketplace and it is nothing without data science.

Data science helps Flipkart to identify both loyal and new customers by using data extraction and segmentation for tracking browsing habits and spending patterns.

For more in depth knowledge check out the most trending Data Science Case Studies-data science at flipkart.


Uber: Uber is a popular smartphone application that allows you to book a cab.

It makes the best use of data science to calculate its surge pricing.

When there are fewer drivers available to more riders, the price of the ride goes up.

This happens only during the scarcity of drivers in any given area.

Abstract :At the end of the article, I conclude that data science is the backbone of data-intensive companies and it is a vast subject, being an aggregate of several technologies and disciplines, it is possible to acquire these skills with the right approach.

Data Science is a very robust field that best fits people who have a knack for experimentation and problem-solving.

With a large number of applications.

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