Todd Birchard

Manage Files in Google Cloud Storage With PythonManage files in your Google Cloud Storage bucket…Working with PySpark RDDsWorking with Spark’s original data structure API: Resilient Distributed…Manage Data Pipelines with Apache AirflowUse Apache Airflow to build and monitor better data…Using Hierarchical Indexes With PandasUse Panda’s Multiindex to make your data work harder for you.

Managing Flask Session VariablesUsing Flask-Session and Flask-Redis to store user session variables.

Reshaping Pandas DataFramesA guide to DataFrame manipulation using groupby, melt, pivot tables…Structured Streaming with PySparkBecome familiar with building a structured stream in PySpark using the Databricks interface.

DataFrame Transformations in PySpark (Continued)Continuing to apply transformations to Spark…Fixing your NPM installationFixing an npm installation gone wrong when ‘sudo’ is misused.

Becoming Familiar with Apache Kafka and Message QueuesAn overview of how Kafka works, as well as….

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