Luke Posey

Backtesting Your First Trading StrategyBacktesting is a fundamental step in testing the viability of…Optimizing Portfolios with Modern Portfolio Theory Using PythonMPT and some basic Python…Step-by-Step Setup of Your Automated Home Trading SystemThis article walks you through the…Building an AI-Driven Technical Analysis Trading StrategyIs Technical Analysis a viable form of…Automating Trading and Market Making With Artificial IntelligenceA general ML approach to creating…Analysis of the Recent IPO Craze Using PythonLet’s discuss the heroes and the zeros.

Performing…Building an Automated Trading System From the Comfort of Your Own HomeBuilding a practical trading…Intro to AI EthicsEthical considerations when building and interacting with Artificially Intelligent…5 Powerful Scikit-Learn ExamplesHerein lies just enough information to make you deadly; 5 models you…Stock Market Data Collection & Feature Engineering Using PythonThe hardest part about building….

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