Jun Wu

Python vs.

R — Choosing the Best Programming Language for Data ScienceA wrestling match unlike any…Choosing The Right DatabaseA critical step in starting any database project: relational vs…Good Database Design Starts HereRules to follow when you start a new database project: usage, model…Biosecurity, Swine Flu, and AIHow Artificial Intelligence can help with Biosecurity.

AI and Cognitive ComputingUnderstanding the difference is critical for understanding the future of work.

Artificial Intelligence and The TraderTrading used to be an art form.

Now, it’s different.

Artificial Intelligence, Surgery, and TrustWould you trust a robot to cut you open?Perl Is Still The Goddess For Text ManipulationSimple one-liners are still sexy even if you use…Artificial Intelligence and AutismAI will transform the lives of people with ASD.

Empathy in Artificial IntelligenceAugmented reality will change our world.

Will we let it?.

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