How to Effortlessly Create, Publish, and Even Share Cloud Hosted-Jupyter Notebooks with Saturn Cloud

You’re set up!Click “Go to Jupyter Notebook” and build something incredible!Publish and shareIf you want to share your notebook, it’s unbelievably simple.

You can find the details here.

All you need to do is open a terminal right in your Jupyter lab.

Run this simple line of code, replacing “notebooks” with the name of your folder or notebook:publish ~/notebooksReload the “How to Publish” page and you’ll see the name of your published notebooks on your screen.

Click on your notebook’s name to configure how it gets published.

You might want to change the title or add a description.

You definitely want to decide if the notebooks are secret and whether you want to let others anonymously execute your notebook.

(Compute charges from those executions would be billed to your account.

) Everything is incredibly clear, so don’t worry about surprises!Reload the page and click on your notebookMake some changes if you feel like it!Now you have a published notebook that looks great!Share it with the world!With Saturn Cloud, you have all of the advantages of Jupyter Notebooks, unbelievable speed, and you can even publish and share your work.

If you’re tired of the drawbacks of the free options and you want to be able to start right now and focus on your data without jumping through a bunch of hoops, take a look at Saturn Cloud.

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