This Is How Much My App Makes After 6 Months

Not only that but it was making me roughly about 10 cent a day.

Now that’s not a whole lot by any means, but hey, it was made now.

There wouldn’t be any maintenance it would just sit there in the background and do it’s thing.

Earnings from Jan 1st to May 21stI decided to release it to iOS, since I’d developed it with Flutter it wasn’t a problem it was ready to go.

So I did and it took off much faster than Android version.

So here I am about 6 months later and I’m making about €60 euro per month, and my app gets used about 1600 times per day.

Every day I’m getting new users.

Just last week I hit over 500 daily active users.

So my earnings continue to grow and I haven’t done any maintenance on my app since it’s first release.

A few things I’ve learned:iOS apps pay far more.

Like, over double Android, which really surprised me (and disappointed me a little since I’m an Android guy).

iOS seen much quicker adoption and growth than Android.

I thought since the App store was more difficult to get an app onto that the apps I was competing with would be better quality.

Therefore, I assumed there would be less traction on my app, but the opposite was true.

While I get more users on iOS, Android users are more likely to stay.

Sometimes really simple apps that will make your own life a little easier will make other peoples lives easier too, perhaps they’re the ones that have the most potential.


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