Starting Out Data Science: Never Coded

Remind yourself every day of that why.

Write it down as a goal and all the steps you need to get there.

Basically, you have to remind yourself everyday why you want it.

Goals summon that energy that you need to get you over that hurdle of failure.

Next, face the struggle of coding with a grain of salt.

This pain is part of the process of you growing into the better coder you.

It’s actually kind of like working out.

Once you get all that down, start doing it for at least 20 days.

It doesn’t matter how, but keep on doing it.

My suggestion was to make it really easy for you to code everyday.

Make it a nice place you want to go to code.

Lastly, the timing and how long you do it counts.

Practice coding for at least 20 minutes a day.

This part is so important.

Cramming a skill does not work.

Your mind needs time and consistent practice to adjust to the person you want to be, or, in this case, the skill you want to have.

All the above, helped me go from not knowing how to print text from code to building automated predictive analytic models.

If I went from knowing completely nothing to being fluent in code, you can too.

Just commit and step into the better you — 20 minutes at a time.

If you ever wanted to get in touch, shoot me a message at LinkedIn!Disclaimer: All things stated in this article are of my own opinion and not of any employer.

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