“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 6/12/2019

Companies that are solving critical pain points related to data preparation, data quality and data governance including Trifacta, Alteryx and Talend will be key players to keep an eye on as the data industry continues to grow exponentially and more workloads are moved to the cloud.

” “As a caring member of the Tableau community and a Zen Master, I am wondering what this acquisition will mean for us: the people, the community,” commended Eva Murray, Head of Business Intelligence and Tableau Evangelist at Exasol.

“Tableau is a great tool, but what makes it truly exceptional is the people that love it, use it and help make it better.

I hope that Salesforce understands that and protects the wonderful Tableau community.

In my opinion, customers and power-users need to be looked after, and not come second-place behind shareholders.

So, even though it may not be an obvious revenue generator, things like Tableau Public bring data and analytics closer to everyone and helps us Zen Masters and other power-users share the love for data analytics and visualizations, ultimately helping us grow the community and the Tableau fan-base.

I also hope that the R&D and innovation that have made Tableau better and better over the years will not slow down or be re-prioritized.

I would love to see Salesforce continue to invest in innovation and development of Tableau’s core product, and not take it down a CRM-only road” “Tableau transformed the data visualization and exploration landscape, putting the power of self-service reporting and analytics for relational databases in the hands of the business users,” commended Dr.

Yu Xu, CEO, TigerGraph.

“Yesterday’s news of Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau is yet another proof that data management and visualization is undeniably one of the hottest markets in tech right now.

The news is significant in that it’s the biggest consolidation of cloud-based apps and platforms thus far.

We at TigerGraph are excited to see the cloud platforms, and intuitive business intelligence and analytics solutions, being integrated with the powerful combination of Salesforce and Tableau.

We believe the next breakthrough in BI is to democratize graph analytics.

TigerGraph is very much on track to be the next-gen of companies to further transform the data management industry with enterprise-scale graph analytics, combined with TigerGraph GraphStudio, our intuitive GUI used by customers such as Intuit, Zillow and Santa Clara County, for visualizing, traversing and analyzing the relationships in real-time with a graph database.

” “Transactions like this reinforce the importance of data-driven insights everywhere,” commented TIBCO’s CEO, Dan Streetman.

“As an independent company, TIBCO delivers open, best-in-class analytics and data science.

We help organizations turn data into innovation regardless of the application or cloud that holds the data.

In the end, what’s important is that they’re able to connect everything, unify all their data in real time, and take faster smarter actions.

TIBCO remains committed to our strategy of being an independent and trusted partner to Innovators around the globe.

” “The interest in Tableau is quite clear; Salesforce has owned a portion of an enterprise’s data for some time and as of late, established more of a presence in the application stack (see Mulesoft acquisition), commented Chris Lynch, CEO of AtScale.

“Integrating the B.


stack natively into Salesforce’s existing platform creates synergies across the board.

Additionally, Salesforce has done well with larger acquisitions.

Many would agree that innovation and development have skyrocketed in the months and years that have followed.

There are a number of other assets within Salesforce that are synergistic, Einstein is one that comes to mind.

With Einstein’s ability to embed A.


capabilities within both Salesforce’s CRM data and now enterprise visualization, A.


and Machine Learning suddenly become more mainstream for their shared customers.

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