CI/CD Ingredients for Success

With these in mind, a more useful error message is something like this:Your application can not be deployed because it is in a failed state.

You can verify this using the helm list command.

You should rollback to a previous working revision, using the helm rollback command.

The first sentence here provides lays out the root cause: The application is in the wrong state.

It also offers diagnostic assistance should you want to verify this issue yourself.

Context!The second portion of this error message offers instruction for remediation.

Instead of following some ancient confluence document, the instructions are right there in the code.

A good error message can remove the need for extensive tutorials and how-to guides.

It can eliminate costly googling and create living, responsive documentation in the code that won’t go stale.

It’s worth spending the time getting those right.

MetricsThe last one is metrics.

It is helpful to know how many deployments are failing, how many are succeeding, how long builds are taking, where the choke points are, etc.

There is a wealth of information for your team to dig into and understand.

Understanding metrics like these unlock true team improvement.

This data is the lifeblood of your team — the metrics represent your team’s ability to deliver software changes.

If you can bring it to the surface you’re sitting on a goldmine of information.

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