Don’t be a one trick pony

It’s installed on their laptops and that’s what they use to surf the web, read emails, write code, run apps.

As a web dev you would be forgiven for thinking that everyone uses a Mac.

In fact Linux and Mac each have 25% and Windows gets 50% of all devs.

You run the risk of solving problems in a particular way.

JS is great for event driven programming but that doesn’t fit every domain (for example writing an installation script in JS is more fiddly than in other languages.

) Functional programming is having an influence, but many JS developers are still focused on objects, side effects, and imperative programming, unaware of the troubles they contain.

You concentrate on unit tests, but may not have heard of generative testing.

It’s a pity that many conferences seek to differentiate themselves based on programming language.

Several offer the same set of talks, but spun for their particular language.

If you are looking for an idea for a talk, try some combination of “How to do (microservices, functional programming, machine learning, $TRENDY_TECHNOLOGY_X) in (Javascript, Ruby, Python, Java, $CONFERENCE_LANGUAGE_Y)”Learning a new programming language isn’t difficult, it just takes time, and ideally a non-trivial project to work on to turn theory into practice.

I think companies should offer this to their developers as part of their career development.

It’s time we concentrated more on good software engineering and less on defending our choice of programming language.


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