Cop with a mop

Yesterday I was at a wedding, and a vase broke in the aisle shortly before the bridal party was to enter.

Guests quickly picked up the pieces, but the vase left a pool of water on the hard floor.

A security guard ran (literally) for a mop and cheerfully picked up the water.

He could have easily stood in the corner and said that mopping floors is not his job.

And if he were guarding a jewelry store, it would be inappropriate for him to leave his post to get a mop.

But his presence at the wedding was a formality, presumably a venue requirement, and no one was endangered by his fetching a mop.

There was more danger of someone slipping on a wet floor.

I enjoy seeing anyone do their job with enthusiasm, doing more than the minimum required.

Over-zealous people can cause problems, but I’d much rather deal with such problems than deal with people passively putting in their time.

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