Android MVI with Jetpack Compose

Yes, it doesn't.

That’s because Jetpack Compose does not really create views in the view hierarchy, it just draws on canvas, so basically you’re inspecting a Bitmap .

Do we care?Not at all.

Let me explain myself.

Those downsides listed above are real downsides.

I mean, I would be stuck trying to find out why a click on a component is not working since December if it wouldn’t be for the Layout Inspector.

 But since the Viewis not responsible anymore to build the layout, you can easily check how it’s built.

You won’t have any more hidden loaders, hidden recyclers, hidden custom views.

All your user needs to see, will be built into the “View hierarchy” and drawn on the canvas.

You’ll end up having a WYSIWYG.

ConclusionsThat’s it!.This was just a brief introduction to what I expect it will be the development of Jetpack Compose combined with the MVI pattern in the Android world!Hope you enjoyed the reading!.Every feedback is appreciated (be nice, that’s my first blog post :D).

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