Lean and Agile in Software development

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coYou maybe hearing about terms “Lean” and “Agile” in software development and find some confusion between the two.

While they may seem contradictory, as in either/or, in fact these terms and their underlying concepts are quite complementary in nature.

Lean is sometimes categorized as another Agile method.

Rather Agile and Lean together, guide our mindset, as we seek to work in new ways to bring better results.

Scrum, XP, Kanban and other methods, which are based on both Agile and Lean concepts, guide specific practices.

One way to think about Agile mindset, is to see that being Adaptive, being Able to Change Direction, Shorter Planning and Commitment Cycles help with this.

So do Increase Collaboration, and emphasis on getting working software quickly for fast feedback, and to focus on individuals and interactions throughout.

In compliment, the Lean mindset encourage us to take more of a System View, on how an organization is delivering it’s “Value”.

So we look even beyond software team, considering the entire value stream, from “Concept” to “Ca$h”.

In that whole system, we want to improve the flow of “Value”.

Toward that end, Lean principals encourage us to eliminate “Waste” in that system.

Wastes like: Task Switching, Hand-offs, Partially Done Work and Extra Features.

While Agile principals teach us to work in Short Cycles and deliver more “Value” faster, Lean principals points to the importance of Limiting Queues, which prevents work from piling up and invites the notion of “Pull”.

Only “Pull” work when you have space to invite more work into the process.

Together, both concepts limit “Work In Process” and invite us to measure how much “Value” delivered, rather than only how much work is being done!Lean and Agile have more in common than indifference.

For example, both ask us to improve quality, amplify learning, continuously improve and empower people.

On that last point, the heart of Scrum is a “Self Organizing Teams”.

The first pillar in the house of Lean is “Respect for People”.

People, supported by good leaders, who Empower, Mentor and Encourage learning are the center of both mindsets, just as people are the center at your organization.

Adopting Lean and Agile mindset, will help your organization’s people deliver more “Value”, delight your customers and enjoy high moral.

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