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It has a built-in stencil repository called Stenciltown, and even more online like Graffletopia.

Us technical folk, we don’t always get a chance to express our creative side, so I always enjoy making visuals when I’m working a project or learning something new.

Omnigraffleskitchmy favorite screenshot utility lets me quickly call out, crop, retract or write on a clip and automatically saves everything to the cloud.

Sharing is easy — it can copy a public url to the clipboard.

When you’re done you can stop sharing.

I can’t however take a screenshot of skitch with skitch ????gimpI’ve been using Gimp as a freeware replacement for Photoshop since like 1998 and I’m not sure what it can’t do as an imagine manipulation application.

I like to use it to help market a product (hackathon, vaporware mostly) or making marketing slicks.

Gimp 2.

10iterm2 + zsh + oh-my-zshI won’t take too much time other than saying I found out about this through another Medium article by Ayuth Mangmesap.

I wanted a better terminal for Mac that did things like tmux and git indicators.

Read below!https://medium.

com/ayuth/iterm2-zsh-oh-my-zsh-the-most-power-full-of-terminal-on-macos-bdb2823fb04citerm2 + zsh + oh-my-zshcisco cli analyzerOn top of being an ssh/telnet client, this uses the hashtag approach to organizing devices, has ability to create security profiles that can apply common credentials across multiple devices for auto login.

Possibly my favorite feature is that it will automatically run commands on login and uses this data back in the application itself.

The device model, serial number, ip address, hostname are shown in the dashboard.

Hey his is great because you never have to think about what you’re logging into.

As a final touch, It even has a photo of the device!Cisco CLI Analyzeraws launcherMy biggest nuasence with AWS is the shear number of services it has.

It’s like having 100 icons on your desktop, except it’s not my desktop and I don’t login every day.

It’s just clumsy.

Or maybe i’m clumsy.

Either way I found AWS Launcher to be the quickest way to get to what I need.

aws-launchertaurineYou may run into a time when you don’t want your device to go to sleep.

If you’re speaking at a conference and sharing the stage with others, for instance, I need to start presenting without logging in.

Maybe your serving something on your laptop.

For those one-offs, there’s Taurine.


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