HostiFi 2.

0: Why I’m completely rewriting my $5,735 MRR SaaSMy SaaS journey began with a car crashClickbait worthy title, I know.

My First SaaS: Reducing Churn with proactive supportMy First SaaS: 20 Marketing Tools we useIn this post I discuss 20 different marketing tools that I’ve…My First SaaS: From 0–10 CustomersIt took around 3 weeks after launch for my UniFi controller hosting service, https://hostifi.

net to…My First SaaS: 9 Tech Platforms we depend onFor the last few months I’ve been sharing my story in short posts that begin with…My First SaaS: Building the MVPIn my previous posts, I talked about 7 things I learned from my first…My First SaaS: Defining The MVPIt is important to limit and clearly define the MVP for your SaaS project.

My goal was to launch…My First SaaS: Choosing the Tech StackFour months after launch, my first SaaS business, https://hostifi.

net is growing steadily….

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