Article | “AI is No Longer a Tech Niche – 4 Industries that will be Revolutionized by AI in 2019”

Agriculture Based on research conducted by the United Nations, there will be 2 billion additional people on the earth by 2050, which presents a significant challenge—feeding those two billion.

Farmers are turning to AI to produce more food using fewer resources.

This includes detecting pests, forecasting what crops will deliver the best returns, harvesting crops at a higher volume and a faster pace with autonomous equipment, monitoring crop and soil health and tracking and predicting various environmental impacts on crop yield such as weather changes.

Organizations like the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture are creating machine learning that can predict yield, potential outcomes and challenges for farmers.

The organization is then democratizing those tools and data by sharing it with small agricultural businesses.

The CGIAR Platform aims to help farmers increase their efficiency and reduce the risks that are inherent in farming.

Photography and design According to a study by Domo, people generate 2.

5 quintillion bytes of data— a lot of that can be attributed to creatives like photographers and graphic designers.

As a result, creatives have dumped massive amounts of data into numerous cloud applications without proper organization or strategy, and finding the right file, especially one that you delivered to that one client, can be difficult.

Now, cloud file assurance services use artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology to gather, analyze, catalog and protect user’s files by aggregating them from multiple cloud storage accounts, such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, OneDrive and others, into one safe, searchable repository.

As users add files to the aggregator, it creates extensive, searchable metadata for each file.

The service discovers a file’s content and location (GPS), performs optical character recognition (OCR) on PDFs and creates machine learning (ML)-generated vision tags for photographic images and graphics.

This analysis helps photographers and creatives more effectively find files stored in their various accounts and devices.

Cloud file aggregators keep the entire history of the file, improving workflow.

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