A Day In The Life Of A Student Developer In Kenya

(first of all, stop looking at me like that, I already told you I spent the better part of the day finishing my project-a badass python-based photo gallery using the django framework- so, quit reminding me that I wasted my day) and now I am here, writing this piece (okay, now I have bummed myself out but Y.



O<insert cry emoji>).

Jokes aside, I am still extremely excited this week and not just because episode 4 of G.


T season 8 is out (by the time I watch this the spoilers will be on billboards) but because this week I get to do the following with the Django framework:Add email configurations in my applicationsConfigure user authenticationStart working on my portfolioCreate a clone of the Netflix application and on top of that,The project for this week is an Instagram Clone.

I am beaming with excitement because I enjoy the challenges of rendering beautiful yet dynamic applications and this is what programming in a data-driven, fast-paced,community-centered coding school has to offer.

Below is one dynamic application I have worked on using the Flask web framework.

(DISCLAIMER: It is still a work in progress & not responsive)AfricaPost africapost.


comIt consumes a news API from the News API Website below:News API – A JSON API for live news and blog articlesSearch worldwide news articles and headlines from all over the web in real-time with our free News API.


orgI had to pause the article a bit (school ends at 6:00PM) I left at half past, got through the Nairobi traffic and arrived in the house at 8:00.

Dinner, small talk, a bit of social media and now here I am at 10:56PM concluding this article and writing my objectives/plan for the rest of the week.

My personal goals for the week include:Setting up auto-generated tests with DjangoIncluding offline and synchronization techniques in integrating front end and back end RESTful apisYou can follow me on Github to see some of the things I have worked and are working on.

I am open to collaborating, growing and getting challenged.

EstherMuigai – OverviewEstherMuigai has 34 repositories available.

Follow their code on GitHub.


comIn conclusion, I personally enjoy the the entire process of Software Engineering, I love learning new things and harnessing the power of technology to solve day-to-day problem.

This, especially in an environment where questions are encouraged and the pool of intelligence concentrated in one place is something to be mesmerized at.

Below is a link to the state of the art coding school I chose here in Nairobi:Moringa School | Developing Future Knowledge Workers Developing the Next Generation of Tech Developers Through Market-Driven Educationmoringaschool.

comI know most programmers say that one could be self-taught, and they are right.

I,however, feel that tutorials tend to be unidirectional in terms of creativity and quite discouraging if you cannot engage the person teaching in asking questions and getting further assistance.

Also, they tend to be inconclusive in terms of a career track especially if you would not like to freelance or if they are from a country with a different tech space from yours.

They leave out best practice tips and other skills you will require as a developer apart from coding (yes, coding is great but you need more).

There’s this and plenty more reasons.

The commute that awaits me tomorrow morning boarding a matatu to Ngong RoadMaybe for an article at a later date I will write on reasons why one should take a programming course but as for now, I probably have to go because I need to be up by 5:00AM tomorrow morning if I am to traverse the django (hahaha, django-jungle, no? okay).


I just discovered that this week’s episode is Episode 5 (this is a side effect of being a programmer, you lose track with the real world) yet it is all so worth it!Kwaheri!.(goodbye!).

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