Pomodoro X BCIs ????

Now that we can determine the intensity of these brainwaves, let’s create the superpowered Pomodoro program!Phase 1: CalibrationBefore we start the Pomodoro cycle, we’ll have to calibrate the focus measure to the specific person’s focus levels!.To do this, we’ll calculate the intensity of their alpha waves for 30 seconds while they’re closing their eyes and focusing.

Phase 2: Let’s go Pomo!After the calibration, we can start the Pomodoro cycles!.I asked the user for their preferences on the length of focus times, break times, and the number of focus sessions in a cycle!We loop through the number of sessions and every 10 seconds, we measure the user’s focus!.I set the metric to qualify as “focused” if their focus was at least 80% of their baseline, “semi-focused” if it was between 50% and 80%, and “distracted” if it was below “50%”.

If so, a “beep” will play, reminding them to GET BACK TO WORK!.????After the focus session, we’ll break out of the loop!.After pausing the program for a break, we’ll start the session again.

After all the sessions have completed, the program will complete!.Happy Pomodoro!.????To take a look at the whole program, check out the GitHub here.

Superpowering HumansThis is sickkkk!!!.With BCIs, we can measure and manipulate the state of the human brain!.Not only can they help with focus, but they’re also widely used to help disabled individuals control their robotic arms and legs!.Not to mention a bunch of other medical applications to empower patients!.????In the future, we’ll see many more applications in BCIs fundamentally changing the ways we live our lives.

Communication with brainwaves, telekinesis, downloadable skills, and even computing with the brain are far-fetched but possible implications of this amazing technology!But for now, just enjoy your amazing Pomodoro sessions and superpowered focusI hope you enjoyed this article!. More details

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