One Baby Step at a time…

What else could I have asked for?Well, that’s when life took a steep turn and I got introduced to the “DATA”.

I started working on it through excel files, cleaning it, creating visualizations and with all this potential I was amazed to see the kind of impact data can make in day to day decision making.

“According to DOMO’s report, over 2.

5 quintillions bytes of data are produced every single day!!!”Image Credits: Domo.

comI could only imagine the impact of this huge data.

I really thought I found my true love in exploring this vast field of data related technologies.

Now the only thing I needed to figure out was what kind of role I would best fit in.

I started brainstorming with my closest one and chose to start with an entry level Data Analyst.

I immediately engaged in self tutoring and started going for interviews.

But life is not that simple.

I was exhausted and to top it all, I had turned 26 with nowhere to go, no substantial achievement, no progress.

I learnt the fact that “no matter where you go, experience matters” the hard way.

Well, I’m sure no one is born with experience and it has to be earned.

Scratch that!!!.Domain knowledge is what I felt was lacking.

None of the decisions anyone takes is easy.

Personally, even today I can’t decide whether to buy popcorn or nachos during a movie.

This was a whole different thing altogether.

But I still went ahead and took one of the biggest decision, I got myself enrolled in a Post Graduate Diploma course in Data Science from the world-renowned IIIT-Bangalore.

Since the program is in collaboration with Upgrad which is a pioneer in e-learning, it comes out to be the best of both worlds.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I took.

Another failure after investing so much of my parent’s money in this course was the first question on my mind.

I focussed and focussed more, gave all of my strength, dedication to this program.

I followed T-concept as my strategy where I explored each and everything that came my way during the course but deep dived into R!!.

I started from the very basic and now here I am with the sense of ability to transform data and make data-backed decisions.

I was trying to implement more scenarios and problem statements than getting lost in the world of languages.

With all this learning, I’m starting my new journey and I would like to thank those who believed in me and more to those who did not!!!.You are my true motivators, my real inspiration.

Here’s to all those who have experienced the same and to those who want to explore uncharted territory.

Remember the pain, anguish, disappointment and failure are the biggest motivators.

We can do it, all of it but one BABY STEP AT A TIME.

Thank you for reading my post.

I am looking out for data science roles.

You can get in touch with me at LinkedIn or mail to amanashu10@gmail.


Stay tuned for more data focused articles.

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