What is the best IDE for developing in Rust?

And yes, I work on big codebases with this setup!— /u/musicmatze on /r/rustSublime with Rust EnhancedSublime with Rust Enhanced (credit rust-lang via packagecontrol.

io)Open-source (free)Goto anythingGoto definitionSplit editingLow profileIt works quite well, yet it could be a bit more user-friendly.

This however is more of a Sublime problem than a plugin problem.

— /u/booooomba on /r/rustI tried it, but I missed refactoring tools, a good integrated terminal, and type on hover compared to VSCode + Rust plugin.

— /u/Foo-jin on /r/rustOnly annoyance is that it does not consider tests, and therefore does not catch compile errors in them, and spews a LOT of warnings about unused functions.

(Writing tests first for my lib)— /u/Rawler82 on /r/rustIt doesn’t have the best features set, but it’s fast and small (low on RAM and Disk Space).

— /u/razrfalcon on /r/rustSublime Text 3’s plugin situation is, at least for me, rather wonky; while I was able to get things mostly working on macOS, I was never able to get working autocomplete on Windows 10 (in addition to the rather long and painful setup time).

— /u/Cldfire on /r/rustSome people don’t use any additional plug-ins with Rust Enhanced.

I use Sublime Text for everything.

As far as building goes, I just keep a terminal window open at the bottom of my screen with cargo watch running.

I don’t have any Rust specific plugins, but given all the recommendations here, I think I’ll try out the Rust Enhanced plugin later.

— /u/Uncaffeinated on /r/rustAtom with Rust packagesAtom with IDE-Rust (credit atom.

io)IDE-Rustuto-completionDiagnostics (errors and warnings from rustc and clippy, see clippy_preference setting)Document outlineGo to definition (ctrl or cmd click)Type information and Documentation on hover (hold ctrl or cmd for more information)Find references (ctrl-alt-shift-f or cmd-opt-shift-f also in context menu)Format file with rustfmt (ctrl-shift-c or cmd-shift-c also in context menu)Format on save (disabled by default, see atom-ide-ui settings)language-rustAdds syntax highlighting and snippets to Rust files in Atomlinter-rustLinting your Rust-files in Atom, using rustc and cargoFiles will be checked when you open or save themтокамак (tokamak)Syntax highlightingCreating Cargo projectSupport for Cargo projectsCode Completion with RacerManaging Rust toolchainsCode LintingProject specific configurationCode formattingGo to definitionHover for documentationFind referencesOutline for the file and the projectAutocomplete out-of-the-boxCode highlightingracerProviding intelligent code completion and “find definition”I am using language-rust, linter-rust, racer (autocomplete) and atom-beautify on a rustup installation.

Setting up the paths took a while but it works pretty well.

I did also try to switch to Tokamak a while ago, but that didn’t work for me.

I’m running my rust code in a separate zsh window which is tiled the side by some Gnome addon and always visible (I don’t feel ready to go i3).

With a file tree, a code view, a minimap and a terminal window there are four columns in total and it feels a bit cramped at times.

When I don’t have a big monitor attached to my laptop I run atom in fullscreen.

— roSievers on rust-lang.

orgI was using Atom for Rust for about 9 months, having previously used Atom for all my Python development.

I did much the same as @roSievers above, but I found recurring problems on macOS (especially with environment variables not being passed through without fuss).

I was never able to get Tokamak running properly.

— pwrdwnsys on rust-lang.

orghonestly i don’t think sublime compares to the functionality there is in atom for rust.

startup speed is slow, but everything else is totally acceptable.

and i prefer the linter and linter-rust packages, as they’ll show you compile errors and warnings inline ½ sec after you press ctrl+s!— /u/flying-sheep on /r/rustThere are a lot of options, and ultimately a method of trial-and-error may be most effective in terms of determining which IDE specifically to use.

If you have any additional opinions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

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