A Beginner’s Guide to Tidyverse – The Most Powerful Collection of R Packages for Data Science

Next, plot a scatterplot to check the relationship between the checkout price and the base price: View the code on Gist.

Interestingly, there seems to be a pretty strong linear relationship between the two variables.

We can certainly dig deeper into this when we’re working on this challenge to understand how these variables affect our overall model building strategy.

The power of visualization never ceases to amaze me.

  Some More Tidyverse Packages These packages are not included directly in the tidyverse bundle.

So you won’t be able to load them through the function library(tidyverse).

 Hence, I have provided the installation commands for each package in this section.

   Importing Data readxl: This package is very useful when you want to import Excel sheets in R: install.

packages(“readxl”) library(readxl) data <- read_xlsx(“filename.

xlxs”) haven: For importing SPSS, STATA and SAS data: install.

packages(“haven”) library(haven) dat = read_sas(“path to file”, “path to formats catalog”) googledrive: For importing Google Drive files: View the code on Gist.

Data Wrangling lubridate: The best R package for working with date-time data.

lubridate provides a series of functions that are a permutation of the letters “m”, “d” and “y” to represent the ordering of month, day and year: View the code on Gist.

Output: “2019-01-11” “2018-09-12” “2019-04-01”   hms: This packages works similar to lubridate but only with time-based variables: View the code on Gist.

Output: “9H 10M 1S” “9H 10M 2S” “9H 10M 3S” Pretty awesome!.  End Notes Tidyverse is the most popular collection of R packages.

Which isn’t all that surprising given how useful and easy to use they are.

 You’re definitely missing out on saving time and making your work much more efficient if you aren’t using the Tidyverse packages.

Have you used these R packages before?.Are there any other packages you feel should be incorporated into Tidyverse?.I want to hear hear your thoughts, feedback, and experience with Tidyverse.

Let me know in the comments section below!.And if you get stuck at any point while using these packages, I’ll be happy to help you out.

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