How to Mine Twitter for Targeted Information with Twint

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No taxes, no regulatory problems, no traceable income, no tax accountant costs, etc,etc,etc 644436140183973888 2015-09-17 02:02:03 PST <officialmcafee> My policies now posted https://mcafee16.

com/issues/ #ForeignPolicy #drugs #immigrants #tax #educate #economy #cyber +more pic.


com/ugCnhKEBsLIt seems like the target has made statements about hiding money in cryptocurrency.

Knowing the suspect is now on the run, we can run a search for anyone publically tweeting to the target and offering support.

To do this, we’ll look for people tweeting to the target with the — to flag and search for tweets likely containing contact information with the — phone flag.

We can also try to find where he is by searching for photos or video they may have posted of their whereabouts in the last week.

Using the — location flag to specify only location-tagged tweets, we can pull any tweets containing media that might let us see where the target is from the last week.

sudo twint -u officialmcafee –location –since 2019-2-10 –media1096942869091356674 2019-02-16 17:22:14 PST <officialmcafee> pic.


com/vbtdCI6ULP | Location House McAfee 1096932395012554754 2019-02-16 16:40:37 PST <officialmcafee> Back at the third floor of the "compound".

We are just mellowing out after a day of speeding between islands in my first test of our tender (Moored alongside) pic.


com/sd0ix15MPB | Location House McAfee 1096929852056395776 2019-02-16 16:30:31 PST <officialmcafee> Here is the third floor of our "Compound" right now.

The "dingy" is moored alongside.



com/UCnRn3AoJX | Location House McAfee 1096915137087320064 2019-02-16 15:32:03 PST <officialmcafee> A boring video.

But Rick took it.

He's proud of it.

He asked me to tweet it.

I just did.

He is outside of social media however, so I can dis him in this (for him) alternate universe, while I truly love him in that universe which, for me at this moment time, is alternate.



com/yXPdGF3oW1 | Location House McAfee 1096635092393517056 2019-02-15 20:59:15 PST <officialmcafee> Rick caught me with my harmonica attempting to regain favor with IT guy.

He was way out of my league.



com/5HZxPKwyf8 | Location House McAfee 1096614989857738752 2019-02-15 19:39:22 PST <officialmcafee> Holy FUCK!!!.My Bahamian IT guy — whom I judged to be the dweebyest person on earth — shows up in the band I hired for Choppy's bar for the weekend.

People — never judge.

The IT guy is the sax player.



com/e0KW6fWIbY | Location House McAfeeOne of the first results is a video of the target steering a boat through a chain of islands.

In another tweet the day before, the target films himself at a bar in Georgetown, a city in the Bahamas.

Based on media posted on Twitter in the past two days, the target is on a boat off the coast of Georgetown in the Bahamas.

Twitter Makes OSINT EasyIn our scenario, as a junior IRS agent learning about the subject of their first audit, we discovered our target is a heavily armed tax evader marauding around the islands of the Carribean with armor-piercing weapons.

Rather than try approaching the offender ourselves, it’s much more likely we’d take advantage of the extradition treaty that went into effect between the Bahamas and the United States on Sept.

22, 1994, and make apprehending the target someone else’s problem.

Regardless of the type of investigation, data from social media can enrich your understanding of an event by providing a seemingly endless stream of information.

From studying the interactions between users to finding alternative views of the same situation through media organized by hashtags, information shared on social media should be a part of any OSINT investigator’s toolkit.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to using Twitter as a source of OSINT information with Twint!.If you have any questions about this tutorial on Twitter OSINT, leave a comment below, and feel free to reach me on Twitter @KodyKinzie.

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com on May 2, 2019.


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