Depicting Quranic Lengths with Sentence Drawings Data Art

Depicting Quranic Lengths with Sentence Drawings Data Arthttp://quranvis.


ca (Works best only on Desktop)ShahamBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingApr 29This project is an attempt to visually model groups of chapters in the Quran.

Verse translation texts are analyzed using NLP topic-modelling techniques and then visualization using a specific art concept of Stefanie Posavec’s Sentence Drawings.

The concept of Posavec’s sentence drawing is pretty simple: you draw a line relatively equivalent to the length of sentence (word count), make a right turn, draw a line corresponding to the next sentence, and so on and so on.

What this results in is a visual that is congested where it encounters continuous short sentences and open where a long sentence appears.

Posavec’s original Legend and Basic StructureAs an extra, I also use pyLDAvis to allow users to explore the topic terms.

Example of pyLDAvis to explore topics and terms associationI had the code and visualization all set up from a previous project so I thought this would be another great application of similar techniques.

For more details, process, inspirations, and how it works, please see the parent project:Twiring Diagrams — Data Visualization (Art) from Tweeting BehaviourLink to Interactive Visualizations:http://quranvis.


caSample UsageGetting a visual feel of where any given term appearsGetting a visual feel of topic distributionExploring term association with topics (and then comparing with the data art above).

. More details

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