Turning Data into Sound

Another audio track is also automatically created for you.

Now, you can change the data source or the music instrument to change the sound of this track and try out the mix!PS: You don’t have to stop at two tracks.

3: Storytelling with NarrationPhoto by Jason Leung on UnsplashRemember the other option while adding another track?.That’s narration!.You can add your own voice to the data by narrating in between or during tracks and make into a beautiful story.

This way, you can literally tell a “story” with the data and get insights and meaning from the data across to multiple audiences.

After you’re done, you can export the audio (bottom-right) and download it to your computer!.Here’s my first sonification!If you produce a sonification, please do share with me by responding to this story or sending it to me!.I’m always interested in storytelling with data (and sonification).


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