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Scraping web data with R & the TidyverseBeing an employee of the EPFL Extension School has its perks.

An intro to HTTP status codes and HTTP methodsLearn to code and get a certification from one of the world’s top universitiesHow to learn how to code online and get certified for thatAnalyzing your Strava dataPart 4: Cluster analysisAnalysing your Strava dataPart 3: Exploratory data analysisAnalysing your Strava dataPart 2: Data cleaningMoving from CarrierWave to ActiveStorage in a Rails appAnalysing your Strava dataPart 1: Download your data using the Strava API and PythonLearning Ruby by writing test scriptsWriting automated tests is an important part of being a responsible software developer.

But it can be neglected at the start of the journey when learning to program.

This is despite the fact that thinking about writing tests can help foster a good analytical…Refactoring React: Thinking In ReactI recently stumbled upon a part of React’s documentation that I hadn’t read before.


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