100 Days Of Code: EndGame

I shared my problems!I knew I loved coding, I knew I was always super excited when I tell the computer what to do and it gets it done.

So, I told a friend about the problem I was facing and she suggested I change the language I was working with, she explained that C was too low level and I was probably having a hard time understanding certain concepts within the language, hence my frustration.

Then she suggested I try Almighty JavaScript.

It was at this time, I made one of the most important decisions to leave C behind, leave my CS50 tutorials and unlearn a lot of things.

By the ending of November 2018, I was doing serious research on JavaScript, getting books, online materials, tutorials and any other thing I felt I would need on this journey.

But First, HTML and CSSUnderstanding HTML and CSS was pretty straightforward, it came easily to me.

Then I found out there was Twitter Bootstrap.

The ability to look at something on the internet and successfully recreate it without having access to the source was exhilarating.

I felt like a magician.

An accomplished web magician.

In December 2018, another friend suggested I visit FreeCodeCamp and check out their curriculum, and I was glad I did.

If you’re a self-taught developer reading this, then I’m sure you can definitely relate to the “What Do I Learn Next” Syndrome.

Thanks to Quincy Larson and FreeCodeCamp, the structure they provided gave me a sense of direction and immensely helped and is still helping me on my journey.

Thanks, guys!!!Now the real fun begins, JavaScript in all its glory and splendourI heard about the 100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter and I figured it would be a great idea to join a community, exchange ideas with other newbie coders and ask for help when necessary.

On the 3rd of January, 2019, I challenged myself.

My goal was to learn JavaScript well enough to pick up a framework at the end of 100 days.

The first thing I did was to go through the JavaScript Algorithm section on FreeCodeCamp and earn my certification.

As soon as that was done, I became more confident about using JavaScript.

The first thing I tried out was DOM manipulation and it was at that moment, I fell in love with Vanilla JS.

As a task, I decided to build the projects in the Front End Library section of the FreeCodeCamp curriculum using my beautiful JavaScript.

I built a JavaScript Calculator, and a Pomodoro Timer, soon enough, I started working with APIs all while using Vanilla JS, I built a Random Quote GeneratorI also caught wind of Wes Bos’ JavaScript30 which involved learning something knew about Vanilla JavaScript every day for 30 days.

When I’m not recreating a webpage, I’m learning from Wes Bos or completing a project on FreeCodeCamp.

The amount of information I was absorbing was amazing and I absolutely loved it.

All fun, No Games?One of the things I built during this period which I’m most proud of is Iconic, its a JavaScript memory game that involves matching popular icons.

I’m so proud of it because I was able to build it from scratch and tackle each and every bug that may have popped up at one point or the other.

Do check it out.

An application on Heroku?To round off my 100DaysOfCode, I decided to build a Single Page Application (SPA) without a framework.

I know, I know, I was young, wild and in love (with JavaScript).

But that did not stop me, I scoured the internet trying to find out the things I needed to accomplish this feat.

Eventually, I built an Express application able to render dynamic content to the view, there was a lot of JavaScript involved but the funniest thing was that I knew exactly what was going on within each module.

I was able to develop my SPA to a reasonable extent and soon after, I deployed it on Heroku.

The application is meant to help students store questions and answers while studying then students can flash themselves prior to an exam or test instead of having to revisit the entire material.

I call it a Flash App (still in development though).

100DaysOfCode: Endgame?Today marks the last day of my first ever 100DaysOfCode to master JavaScript.

The journey has not been without its ups and downs.

There have been several times I have just felt overwhelmed with the amount of information I have access to, there have also been times I’ve been burnt out (Thanks to FreeCodeCamp’s Algorithms :)) but I don’t let it stop me, eventually, I find a solution and the joy I feel knows no bounds.

My EndGame is Full Stack Development in JS but for now, I’m focusing on front-end development.

So yeah, now you know I’m far from being a Ninja but I’m willing to work hard every single day to get there.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m not a great writer so in conclusion, let me leave you with this.

At the endgame, its not the destination that matters, but the journey in itselfP.

S I’m open to internships in organizations that make use of React.

Exposure to actual product development would be of immense value to me.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Medium, and Github.

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