Insight’s Data Science & Data Engineering programs expand to Los Angeles

Insight’s Data Science & Data Engineering programs expand to Los AngelesGeneviève SmithBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingApr 10Photo by Pedro Marroquin on UnsplashWe are excited to announce that the Insight Data Science and Data Engineering Fellows Programs are expanding to Los Angeles beginning September 2019.

Since 2012, Insight has grown from a single data science program offered in one location in Silicon Valley, to seven programs in offices across six cities in Canada and the US.

Over the years, we have seen many of our alumni drawn to LA to build their careers in data.

This isn’t surprising, given the rapid growth of LA’s tech and startup scene over that same period.

From Santa Monica to Glendale, Venice Beach to Culver City, Irvine, and Downtown LA, companies that cut across an enormous spectrum of fields — including gaming, e-commerce, online media and streaming services, aerospace, finance, consumer products, virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR), and biotech — are investing in building out their data teams.

Insight alumni have thriving careers in Southern CaliforniaInsight alumni work at some of the most exciting and cutting-edge companies in Southern California.

These alumni build impactful products, lead innovative teams, and are defining the best practices for data science, analytics, data engineering, and technical product management in this rapidly-expanding ecosystem.

We want to share a few of their profiles, partly to highlight the incredible work that they’re doing, but also because there’s no better way to illustrate the diversity of opportunities in LA for talented people excited to work with data!Insight Alumni working in LA and San Diego (L to R): Becky Tucker from Netflix, Sarina Sinick from Thrive Market, Janani Kalyanam from Intuit, Thomas Noriega from Dia & Co.

, and Megan Schroeder from the LA Dodgers.

As a Senior Data Scientist on the Netflix Studio Science and Analytics team, Becky Tucker creates machine learning models to predict content demand that allows Netflix to better target their investment in the development of new hit shows and films.

Before becoming an Insight Data Science Fellow, Becky earned a PhD in observational cosmology at Caltech, building microwave telescopes to study the cosmic microwave background.

After a masters degree in Library and Information Science, Sarina Sinick went on to multiple roles in data migration and systems engineering before joining Insight’s Data Engineering Fellowship program.

She’s now a Data Engineer at Thrive Market, a membership e-commerce platform for organic snacks, supplements, home, beauty, and baby products.

Her team has grown rapidly since she joined, driving the adoption of new engineering tools across the company.

Janani Kalyanam’s PhD and postdoctoral research in machine learning resulted in over a dozen publications, all at the intersection of computer science and healthcare.

After becoming an Insight Data Science Fellow, she joined Intuit’s San Diego-based AI team as a Senior Data Scientist, Janani has been working to improve how customers interact with Intuit’s tax and accounting software tools.

Thomas Noriega is a Machine Learning Engineer at Dia & Co.

, a startup that has set out on a mission to radically transform how the retail industry meets the needs of the plus size community.

Thomas builds business planning data products to allow Dia & Co to predict things that are important to their bottom line, like customer cancellation rates or the time it takes a stylist to complete an order.

After a Biochemistry PhD from UCSF, Thomas spent several years in food science R&D before becoming an Insight Fellow.

Megan Schroeder grew up as a sports fan and athlete, then studied biomechanics in graduate school and focused her PhD research at Northwestern University on how the human body moves and recovers from surgery.

No big surprise then, that after completing Insight, she ended up as the Manager of Performance Science for the LA Dodgers!.Since Megan joined the organization, the Dodgers have built one of the largest R&D teams in baseball.

By now you’re hopefully getting the picture: Insight Fellows in the LA area work across a huge range of fields.

And we’ve only scratched the surface here.

Insight alumni also work in gaming, biotech, finance, consumer electronics, VR/AR, IoT, clean energy, and aerospace.

Now, by running in-person programs in Los Angeles we hope to enable an even larger community of Insight Fellows to contribute the building the data ecosystem in Southern California.

The first sessions of the Insight Data Science and Data Engineering Fellows Programs in LA will begin in September 2019.

The Data Science program is for PhDs & postdocs, the Data Engineering program is open to engineers and scientists, with no specific degree requirements.

Like all Insight Fellowships, these 7-week intensive programs will be completely tuition-free and lead directly to opportunities to interview for roles at top data-driven companies.

We are excited to continue to help future Insight Fellows launch their careers in Southern California.

To be considered for the Los Angeles programs, apply today.

Interested in transitioning to an advanced career in data science or engineering?.Learn more about the Data Science and Data Engineering programs in Los Angeles, apply today, or sign up for updates.


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