Oleksii Kharkovyna

Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning with PythonTop 20 APIs You Should Know In AI and Machine LearningAI & ML Revolution To Scale Customer ExperienceDS is BS: why data scientists are discouraged in their fieldAnd how to fight occasional burnoutsBurhout is a huge issue for millennials these days and even more so for the next generation.

The reasons of that are quite simple — new…5 Weird Ways to Use Data ScienceGame of Thrones, game of wines, and other gamesYou know, speaking of data science, we always say that it’s very important for society.

Life-altering, game-changing, breathtaking technology that can change our lives…20 APIs that prove what ML and prediction is capable ofDo you want to develop advanced apps and software?.If so, why not to use prediction and machine learning APIs as the part of your development?.

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