A RealWorld Comparison of Front-End Frameworks with Benchmarks (2019 update)

The best one is the one that fits your needs.

Q: Do you like types? A: Look into Elm, PureScript, and TypeScript — Angular, AppRun.

Q: Do you want to have a very small footprint? A: Check out Svelte, Stencil, and AppRun.

Q: Do you want to have the smallest code base to maintain? A: Check out ClojureScript with re-frame, AppRun and Svelte.

Q: Want to learn something new?A: Pick the one you don’t know!FAQ#1 Why were framework X, Y, and Z not included in this comparison?Because the implementation is not completed at RealWorld repo.

Consider contributing!.Implement the solution in your favorite library/framework of choice and we will include it next time!#2 Why do you call it the real world?Because it’s a bit more than a To-Do app.

By RealWorld we don’t mean that we’ll compare salaries, maintenance, productivity, learning curves, etc.

There are other surveys that answer some of these questions.

What we mean by RealWorld is an application that connects to a server, authenticates, and allows users to CRUD — just as a real-world app would do.

#3 Why didn’t you include my favorite framework?Please see #1 above, but just in case, here it comes again: because the implementation is not completed at RealWorld repo.

I don’t do all of the implementations — it’s a community effort.

Consider contributing if you want to see your framework in the comparison.

#4 Which version of the library/framework did you include?The one that is available at the time of wiring (Mar 2019).

The information comes from RealWorld repo.

I’m sure you can find this out from the GitHub repo.

#5 Why did you forget to include a framework that is more popular than the one in the comparison?Again, see above.

The implementation is not complete at RealWorld repo; it’s that simple.

Thanks to Rich Harris and Richard Feldlman for taking a look before publishing.

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