Pandaral·lel — A simple and efficient tool to parallelize your pandas computation on all your CPUs (Linux & MacOS only)

Pandaral·lel — A simple and efficient tool to parallelize your pandas computation on all your CPUs (Linux & MacOS only)How to significantly speed up your pandas computation with only one line of code.

Manu NALEPABlockedUnblockFollowFollowingApr 2Complete Pandaral·lel repository and documentation is available on this GitHub page.

The library presented in this post is only supported on Linux & MacOS.

What issue does bother us?With pandas, when you run the following line:You get this CPU usage:Standard Pandas apply — Only 1 CPU is used.

Even if your computer has several CPUs, only one is fully dedicated to your calculation.

Instead of this CPU usage, we would like a simple way to get something like this:Parallel Pandas apply — All CPUs are used.

How Pandaral·lel helps to solve this issue?The idea of Pandaral·lel is to distribute your pandas calculation over all available CPUs on your computer to get a significant speed increase.

Installation:Import & Initialization:Usage:With a simple use case with a pandas DataFrame df and a function to apply func, just replace the classic apply by parallel_apply .

And you’r done!Note that you can still use the classic apply method if you don’t want to parallelize computation.

You can also display one progress bar per working CPU by passing progress_bar=True in the initialize function.

Parallel apply with a progress barAnd with a more complicated use case with a pandas DataFrame df, two columns of this DataFrame column1 and column2, and a function to applyfunc:BenchmarkFor four of the examples available here, on the following configuration:OS: Linux Ubuntu 16.

04Hardware: Intel Core i7 @ 3.

40 GHz — 4 coresStandard vs.

Parallel on 4 cores (lower is better)Except for df.




apply, where speed increases only by a x3.

2 factor, the average speed increases by about x4 factor, which is the number of cores on the used computer.

How does it work under the hood?When parallel_apply is called, Pandaral·lel:instantiates a Pyarrow Plasma shared memory, thencreates one sub processes for each CPU, and asks each CPU to work on a sub part of the DataFrame, thencombine all the results in the parent processThe main advantage of using a shared memory compared to other inter-process communication medium is that there is no serialization/de-serialization which can be very CPU expansive.

If you find this tool useful but if a feature is missing, please write a new feature request here.

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