The One Programming Language to Rule Them All

You have several choices like Java, Ruby, Golang, and many more.

If the app you want to build has only one programming language option, then there is no choice to learn that language.

But if you have more options, consider the learning curve before you jump in.

Because the learning curve will affect your productivity.

If the language is hard to use, you will jump back and forth to StackOverflow or its documentation to find way out.

I’m not saying that you don’t need to learn (relatively) hard programming language.

But also consider your situation.

Are you learning for the long term?.Do you have deadlines?4.

What are the “selling points” they offer?Every product surely has its own selling points.

I’m not talking about commercial products- but any kind of products, including programming language, has its own strength.

You can find each programming language strength in its documentation, or find any review in the community/internet.

For example, Golang is known for its performance and readability.

If your app cannot tolerate extra 100ms latency, then go for Golang!.Or like Clojure, which is good for functional programming.

You don’t use OOP?.Add Clojure to your options!I hope COBOL still exists these days5.

Is it still relevant to the market?If you do programming for work, consider this question before you choose your language.

But if you do it just for fun, you may skip this part.

This point applies to language that has “competitors”.

Server-side development has few options for programming languages.

The fact is many people do programming for work, which is totally fine.

They need to know what the market needs.

Like why you need to learn PASCAL (sounds too old isn’t it ?????) when the market needs Node.

js developers?.Or if someone really likes to work in big corporates, then learn Java / C#.

They need it so bad!Too many choices can lead us into the paradox of choice.

But all developers in the world are inventing new languages to serve other developers so that they can build their application easier.

It is not a bad thing, I guess.

The key is not what programming language is the best, but which programming language is the best at solving my current problems.

Like in my previous article, I learned that programming language is just a tool for solving a certain problem.

Choose the right language for your needs!.There is no silver bullet for all problems.

Hope it helps you guys.

Cheers ????.. More details

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