Field Report: GPU Technology Conference 2019 #GTC19

As editor of insideBIGDATA, attending tech conferences is my chance to have meaningfull face-to-face meetings with members of the big data ecosystem, and GTC had a large exhibition venue packed with companies.

I’ve compiled my “Best of Show” list below of firms providing technology products and services that align well with our primary areas of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI and deep learning.

I suggest you drill down on each to see what they have to offer.

ArrayFire develops accelerated computing software and deep learning enabled algorithms.

The open source ArrayFire library is used by thousands of engineers globally in a broad range of technical computing applications.

Bonseyes is a collaborative community of entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, regulators and citizens.

We are uncovering ways to build dependable AI solutions to solving industry challenges.

Bonsey is transforming AI development from a cloud-centric model, dominated by internet companies, to an edge-centric model through a marketplace and an open AI laboratory.

Dasha is the AI platform that allows you to design, test and launch rich, human-level voice conversations.

Automate your entire workflow and bring your costs down or sell your own solutions built on Dasha AI platform.

DataDirect Networks (DDN) is a leading at-scale storage supplier for data-intensive, global organizations.

The DDN A³I® architecture allows organizations to deploy quickly, generate value and accelerate time to insight using AI and DL.

A³I systems are high-performance parallel appliances that delivers data to applications with high bandwidth and low latency, ensuring full GPU resource utilization even with distributed applications running on servers like NVIDIA® DGX-1™ systems.

Determined AI enables Deep Learning applications to be built faster, cheaper, and more reliably.

Our AutoML platform reduces time-to-market by increasing developer productivity, improving GPU utilization, and reducing risk.

The Determined AI engineering team is comprised of machine learning and distributed systems experts from UC Berkeley and CMU.

Dotscience makes data science teams more productive, by enabling collaboration, flexible access to high performance compute, and version control.

Their model governance and auditability tools ensure that every model data science teams build is suitable for deployment in highly regulated environments.


io has created PlasmaENGINE® — the GPU-native stream and hyper-batch processing solution to fully leverage NVIDIA GPUs and Apache Arrow for true real-time processing of infinite data in motion over multiple nodes, with multiple GPUs, for unprecedented speed and performance.

Figure Eight’s platform combines human intelligence at scale with cutting-edge models to create the highest quality labeled data for your machine learning (ML) projects.

You run your data to through Figure Eight’s platform and it provides the annotations, judgments, and labels you need to create accurate ground truth for your models.

From conception to production, Gradient° enables individuals and teams to quickly develop and collaborate on deep learning models.

Join over a hundred thousand developers on the platform and enjoy 1-click Jupyter notebooks, pre-built templates, a python library and powerful low-cost GPUs.

Groupware Technology partners with leading vendors to build data and analytics solutions to service your needs from data to deployment.


ai is a leader in AI with its visionary open source platform, H2O.

Its mission is to democratize AI starts by making training and interface faster, easier, and safer.

With Auto Feature Engineering, AutoViz and Machine Learning Interpretability, H2O.

ai’s Driverless AI is building trust in AI for all.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise mission is to make AI real for customers.

We make AI real by helping customers use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a competitive advantage to help deliver business value.

With a comprehensive AI portfolio of a powerful infrastructure, coupled with expert advice, and strong engineering partnerships, such as NVIDIA, HPE is a trusted leader in the AI revolution.

Iguazio’s platform powers data science from exploration to production, enabling data science teams to build and deploy more intelligent models faster.

It provides pre-installed data science tools like Jupyter, Spark and Pandas, access to mutli-model fresh data, real-time performance and one-click deployment to production.

Kazuhm is a next generation workload processing platform that empowers companies to maximize all compute resources from desktop to server, to cloud.

Kinetica is the insight engine for the Extreme Data Economy.

The Kinetica engine combines artificial intelligence and machine learning, data visualization and location-based analytics, and the accelerated computing power of a GPU database across healthcare, energy, telecommunications, retail, and financial services.

MapR Technologies, provider of the industry’s next generation data platform for AI and Analytics, enables enterprises to inject analytics into their business processes to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

ORBAI develops revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology based on our proprietary and patent-pending time-domain neural network architecture for computer vision, sensory, speech, navigation, planning, and motor control technologies that we license for applications in AI.

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG) helps innovators build a better world with data.

Pure’s data solutions enable SaaS companies, cloud service providers, and enterprise and public sector customers to deliver real-time, secure data to power their mission-critical production, DevOps, and modern analytics environments in a multi-cloud environment.

SAS is a leader in analytics.

Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence.

Scale AI is committed to accelerating the development of AI.

Our suite of managed labeling services such as Sensor Fusion (For LiDAR and RADAR Annotation), 2D Box, 3D Cuboid, Semantic Segmentation, and Categorization combine manual labeling with best in class tools and machine driven checks to yield impeccable training data.

SigOpt empowers experts to build world-class models.

By designing solutions that automate model optimization, SigOpt accelerates the impact of experimentation on machine learning, deep learning, simulation and other AI models.

SQream has redefined big data analytics with SQream DB, a complementary SQL data warehouse harnessing the power of GPU to enable fast, flexible, and cost-efficient analysis of massive datasets of terabytes to petabytes.

WekaIO Matrix™, the world’s fastest shared parallel file system, leapfrogs legacy storage infrastructures by delivering simplicity, scale, and faster performance for a fraction of the cost.

Contributed by Daniel D.

Gutierrez, Managing Editor and Resident Data Scientist for insideBIGDATA.

In addition to being a tech journalist, Daniel also is a consultant in data scientist, author, educator and sits on a number of advisory boards for various start-up companies.

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