An Engineer’s Journey To Become A Data Scientist

An Engineer’s Journey To Become A Data ScientistPiyanka JainBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingApr 2UnsplashNeha has an engineering and MBA background.

She was looking to rejoin the workforce after several years on a personal sabbatical.

Her last role had involved business process analysis, planning, and market research.

It wasn’t something she wanted to go back to.

When she started exploring options for a more satisfying career, analytics emerged as a strong contender.

She had always enjoyed data and patterns.

Aryng quickly popped up on her radar.

She took Aryng’s aptitude assessment.

Her good score confirmed the path for her.

She knew she had what it takes!Neha enrolled in the Aryng’s ACAP – Career Transition Track.

She finished her hands-on data science coursework in business analytics, A/B testing, and predictive analytics.

She was ready for her real-world client project.

She worked on a real-time analytics project traineeship with our client, JustAnswer.

They needed help identifying detractors to conversion for paid expert answers.

Neha worked directly with the stakeholders responsible for the homepage to understand where the drop-offs occurred and the source of the best conversions.

She worked with me on the backend as her mentor during the project.

Based on her analysis, she recommended four main changes to the homepage and flow — adding fast-click tabs for best conversion, reducing the funnel from five to four pages based on the highest drop-offs, a new button on the payment page, and an optimized experience for mobile.

These changes could help JustAnswer capture $1M+ in incremental revenue.

The product team immediately got to work.

They designed an experiment to test her recommendations and within a month of finishing her project, the company had adopted all Neha’s suggested changes to capture the incremental revenue.

The training and the follow-on project was a game-changer for Neha.

The project gave her a complete “soup to nuts” experience of the entire analytics workflow.

She now knew experientially how powerful data science can be.

After her real-time project, as part of her career coaching sessions, she worked with me to target specific analyst jobs and tailor her resume accordingly.

After some back and forth, she had her perfect 8-second resume and started applying for jobs.

Once she started getting interviews, she scheduled another career coaching session with me on interview prep that helped her land her dream job.

Today Neha works as a data analyst for the County of Santa Clara.

She has successfully transitioned.

As for me, I saw Neha transform from a shy, unsure-about-herself, just-returning-to the-workforce professional to a confident analyst who could answer tough analysis questions in her interviews, prove her value to a company and get results.

The joyous Neha who called to tell me about her job offer from Santa Clara County was a different Neha who had scheduled a 15-minute chat a year ago to ask about Aryng’s ACAP — career transition track.

I am addicted to this transformation.

I want to be in on this journey with those who are ready to make their dreams a reality.

This is why I teach data science and why I am inviting you to this FREE Masterclass on 5-Steps to Successfully Transition your Career to Analytics.

Neha and thousands of others have done it and so can YOU!.. More details

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